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I have been to sea, on my own vessels, and virtually all of the cruise lines.  In addition to holding a law license, I am licensed by the United States Guard, and have achieved the level of Master of 100 Ton.

Some common cruise ship accidents include slip and falls, falling overboard, fallen objects, dock accidents, swimming pool or water slide injuries, injuries on excursions taken on shore, medical malpractice, and sexual or physical assault.  Cruise lines are liable for injuries you sustain even while on shore off the cruise ship.  A cruise line owes its passengers a duty to warn of known dangers beyond the point of debarkation in places where passengers are invited or reasonably expected to visit  Under maritime law, a cruise line is liable for any injuryif a plaintiff can show that a ship’s operator knew or should have known about an unsafe condition on or off the ship.

Posted on May 5, 2015

I just settled a series of cases against Carnival Cruise Lines of those stranded at sea after the fire on the Carnival Triumph. The incident did not leave a lot of details, but the law of the sea affords most people better protection against injuries than most “Land Law”. But they all contain forum selection clauses that require the case to be litigated in Miami, fortunately non of my clients had to go to Miami and we were able to work out favorable settlement agreements.

Here is a newspaper article about the case.

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